Speaker line-up:

Nick Martin Lindon Eaves, Paradigm Shifter
Andrew Heath Unsolved challenges: Human mate selection
Greg Carey/Wills Friends
Hermine Maes Extended twin models and adolescent behavioral development
MJ Kearsey Quantitative Genetics: Birmingham UK in the 1960’s-1970’s
Conor Dolan GxE interaction and G-E covariance
Dorret Boomsma Genetic analysis of Covariance Structure
Eric Turkheimer Developmental Genetic Models
Pete Hatemi Social and Political Attitudes
Ken Kendler Psychiatric Genetics
Ben Neale Lindon Eaves: Mentor and Teacher
Mike Neale Latent classiness and other mixtures
Gitta Lubke Using what you know: Seeing the forest from the Bayesian trees
Sarah Medland Signatures of assortment
Matt Keller Walking in the shadows of giants